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Some good advice from Estelle

By making use of her knowledge and expertise with regard to cheese ingredients, Estelle would like to offer you a useful advice, a recipe development:


Drink some milk !

The third survey of French population (Monica, an international study planned and coordinated by WHO on the risk of mortality based on eating behaviour) indicates that milk consumers with a metabolic syndrome have a risk of death reduced by half.

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Jean-Marie amazing product knowledge

Jean-Marie makes the most of his extensive travels throughout the world to discover the original local products whilst gaining the benefit of knowledge with regard to local markets information.

Do you know Manchego?

Spain has a long ham tradition (Bodega, Ibérico, Belota, Pata Negra…), have you ever drooled over one of them having a browse in a street or a tapas bar? But the postcard would not be complete without adding the wonderful Manchego cheese ! Boffard Manchego is a taste and historic reference because before being taken over by the Bongrain Group, this cheese factory was the first one created in Spain in 1880 by Claude Napoleon Boffard. Soon its high quality opened the doors of the “royal family” of King Alfonso XII of Spain. A little advice: few drops of extra virgin olive oil on thin slices of Manchego Boffard and suddenly life becomes sweet…